giant Channie is afraid of Kyungsoo’s little ice fist

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"A pastry for your troubles?"

The sound from behind the counter is shy, but the voice that carries its words sounds almost angelic to your ears. A friendly smile, a small glance, the boy with the small frame looks up at you and immediately changes your day. It’s as if he lights up the room just by the look in his eyes, and he almost seems to glow when he smiles at you like that.

"Please, I insist. You look as though you’ve worked hard all day. Please, this one is on me. Any pastry or dessert of your choice. Just come in and sit, relax. Our little cafe is a stress free zone, I promise. Perhaps I’ll even sing you a song or two."

When he walks away from you momentarily, you’re not quite sure he’s walking at all. He almost seems to float, the way he moves about effortlessly as he prepares a warm cup of tea that he believes will soothe your aching bones.

He’s soon showing you to a nice seat with a view of the outside world, though when he glances up at the window, he gives off a sad sigh. “What a shame. I do so like the sun. I’ve never been a fan of the rain like this. Ah well, perhaps it will clear up before I close up shop tonight, I so hope the sun will come back out tomorrow.”

The nameless boy then leaves you to your own devices, though every now and then you notice he’s glancing in your direction. Just as you’re about finished with your tea and chosen pastry, he once more seems to float over to you, instantly offering another smile. “Oh, how I feel quite shameful asking this of you..” he offers a sad smile as he speaks, placing a hand over his mouth for a moment as he thinks.When he drops his hand, he gives you a small stack of papers he’s holding. “These are flyers for our Cloudless Cafe..I don’t want to ask this of you, but would you mind handing out these flyers so we can get some business? You see, we’re not all that well-known and more than just customers, I would like to make some friends. I find I’m quite lonely here at work much of the time. Oh! My name is Baekhyun, I’m so sorry for being rude! I seem to have forgotten entirely that you didn’t already know who I was! Anyway..if you wouldn’t mind handing out those flyers I would be so appreciative. Perhaps you and I can be friends as well?”



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"I am Winter’s Keeper."

A flash of gold is quickly replaced by simple yet still beautiful, brown orbs, and you swore the gold you saw was real, not just your mind playing tricks on you. But as he looks to you with a small, if not shy smile, you push the thought out of your mind to introduce yourself.

It’s with a small, shy greeting that he says hello back, a little wave as a blush rises to his features. It’s when you take his hand to shake you realize something’s different.

The feeling that runs through you is winterfresh, as if the nicest, most crisp breeze just ran through your body and it sends a small chill through you but it’s enticing, and it simply feels amazing.

"My name is Baro.." he adds quietly to his introduction, and you’re just tuning back into his sweet, soft voice, though it’s deeper than you thought it would be.

"I’m looking for new friends.. It’s quite lonely all by myself in my apartment. I have a pet chinchilla but he’s not quite like the company of humans, I would like someone I can talk to.. Would you perhaps be my friend?"

He flashes his eyes up at you, those brown orbs changing to gold for what’s only a split second, but this time you know it wasn’t your imagination.

"If you could tell people about me, I’d really appreciate it. I’d love to have some new, wonderful friends."

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Immediate Depression Treatment!


If you ever experience extreme depression or sadness for no apparent reason, please remember these things!

1. Not one person’s problems are any less valid than another’s. Your feelings are always valid, because while someone may have a harder life than you, for /you/, what you’re going through /is/ hard. Your feelings and emotions are always valid, no matter what anyone says.

2. Depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain which only medications can fix and then sometimes they don’t work. Mine didn’t. And when you get depressed you don’t have to have a reason for being depressed. You just areAnd it’s crippling.
3. Do whatever makes you happy and comfortable, which may include any but is not limited to the following:
  • If you have a certain snack you just love, eat a small snack, but nothing too heavy.
  • Have something warm to drink like hot chocolate or a soothing cup of tea. Try to avoid caffeine.
  • Cover yourself in blankets and snuggle with your favorite stuffed animal(s).
  • Watch funny videos or just things that make you happy on Youtube. I just watched B1A4’s video for Baby Goodnight and I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. Their happiness makes me happy.
Do whatever you can to just be comfortable.
4. If people are stressing you out, lock your door, despite any consequences. Just block them out, put on headphones and don’t listen to anyone if you can manage. Only go to people who can help you get through your depression, do not make contact with people who are causing your depression and stress to worsen. You need to help yourself sometimes, and not worry about other people.
5. I’ll repeat. Do what’s going to make /you/ happy or comfortable.
Remember, no matter what anyone else says when you’re in that spot, you are first priority. Take care of /you/ before you worry about anything or anyone else.
If you need a friend who will listen and/or help, I am always here to help you, I will always be available to talk. My inbox is /always/ open.

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Can BamBam’s fans be called Bambi’s please?

I’m calling us Bambi’s.

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"Hello, and welcome to the Dainty Pastry Bakery!" are the first words out of Jaeseop’s mouth as he sees the customer enter.

The Vhi can’t help smiling; not only is it in his nature and part of his job, but the customer who has walked into the small bakery seems rather cute, at least from what Jaeseop’s fuzzy vision can tell him. “My name is Jaeseop, or A.J., if you prefer. Let me know if I can help you with anything,” he tilts his head and watches the customer for a moment, drawing them over to the counter.

"Though, before you go, do please take my card," he offers another small smile as he pushes several business cards towards the person he’s staring at. "It seems rather slow in here lately, and I do love to get new customers. Would you be a dear and hand these out for me? Perhaps tell them A.J. needs some new friends. You see I only very recently moved here and I’ve not met a single soul with which I can form a bond, a special friendship, rather. Thank you in advance, love.”

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Pinecone and Shoeman

Chanyeol held Xiumin close to his chest, rubbing his back in gentle circles “I don’t want you to worry anymore…okay? I’m going to be here for you, and I’m going to take care of you to the best of my ability.” he ran his fingers through the other’s hair and began to hum and calming tune, never wanting to let go of him.

Xiumin didn’t understand what this man was doing to him, why he actually didn’t feel the need to pull away. The touchy-feely shit usually made him exceedingly uncomfortable and frightened, not to mention jumpy, but Chanyeol was successfully calming him down and it made him sigh a little, half in sadness and half in content. He could feel himself moving involuntarily though, and his arms found their way around Chanyeol, snaking around his midsection and clinging tightly as if letting go meant falling off a cliff to his death. “W..Why are you..s..so nice to me, Sir..? I..I don’t understand.. Y..You’re so kind.. W..What did I do to deserve y..your kindness..?”

luhan-kbz-deactivated20130902 said "/sprinkles pink glitters everywhere/ May the Odds be ever in your favor."

"Aish.." He chuckles a bit and raises an eyebrow. "You know sometimes it actually feels like The Hunger Games the way people come in here and devour all my food as if there’s an endless supply of it."

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"Ah…he..hello everyone I’m..hmm.." He hummed a minute as he considered his words, looking around with a small sigh. "I apologize for my absence..It seems I was needed elsewhere and I’m back now, I promise.." He smiled a little sadly, a weary look on his face though he tried to keep himself in top condition for his customers and any potential ‘friends’ he might make.

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Yo I’mma make this short.

Name’s B-Bomb, thaz all ya needa know, got it?

Now see here.. -he beckons you forward with a finger, whispering in your ear- I got a business here, aight? Anything you need burned down, I’ll do it. Sex? No problem, fer a price ya can use me all ya want. An’ hey. I tell ya what, first thing ya want stolen I’ll give ya fer a discount, eh? On me, consider it a li’l..mm a treat, we’ll say.

So whadya say?

C’mon, I got like no friends here, kid, I need some new buds ta hang out wit’.

Jus’ ya know, reblog or follow me. If ya like it too I’ll take it as a personal compliment that ya want me in yer bed all ta yerself, eh? Soon as you follow me, I follow you back.

How’s tha’ sound?

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